Tire Shop in Spokane, WA Explains Why You Should Have Your Tires Inspected After the Winter Season

Winter is a killer on your vehicle, but especially on your tires. There are multiple factors that just aren’t an issue during the rest of the year, so it’s best to get them checked out as soon as the last snowfall has melted away. Here’s what to look for:

Road Salt

When the trucks come through and salt the roads, your vehicle pays the price. It’s like taking road performance tires and only driving on a thin layer of gravel for ages. Your tires will thin out faster, giving you the potential hazard of leaks or blowouts. You’re putting roughly three times the normal stress on them.

The Weather Itself

As the weather shifts or dips into extreme temperatures, you experience shifts in the pressure of your tire’s air. These can result in lowered traction, which you absolutely need for emergency stops in these weather conditions. It can also affect your handling on the car as you attempt to maneuver the roads, which lowers your capability to recover after hitting a patch of black ice. As temperatures rise and fall, the PSI in your tires begin to suffer.

How do You Prevent PSI Problems in Winter?

Every vehicle is different, and in the owner’s manual, you’ll see the specific amount of PSI that your vehicle needs. When you start up your car in the morning on a cold winter’s day, it’s best to either visit the air pressure regulator at a gas station machine, or use a bicycle pump that includes a pressure gauge, and inflate your tires as required. This can seriously help you cut down on the damages your car endures in the winter months.

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