When You Need New Tires

The last thing you want to happen is a blowout. Changing your tires regularly isn’t just a good idea; it’s a safety concern. Before you hit a Google search for a “tire shop near me,” consider these key points that are crucial to your tires.

New Tires Aren’t a One-Size-Fits-All

Even if a certain tire fits a certain type of car, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option. Putting the wrong tires on your car or truck can mess with your warranty, and put you out of service long before your tires were ever supposed to falter. Selecting the right tires for your car takes specifics.

Do You Require Quiet Tire Operation?

Some tires are built with steel cables for strength, but add to noise. If you’re travelling with others or you’re constantly listening to the radio in the car, this may not be an issue, but it’s still best to discuss with your technician before deciding on a set of tires.

Buying One Tire as a Time Isn’t Good

Replacing the one tire that’s flat or had a blowout is a bad idea. You’re going to put a strain on your other tires, your new one, and have inconsistencies with air pressure all over the place. This will impede upon your performance, the durability of your tires, and potentially void your warranty altogether depending on the specifications laid-out by the tire manufacturer.

If your friends are telling you to “just replace the one that’s messed up,’ they don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem, and messes with your vehicle’s overall performance.

Looking For a “Tire Shop Near Me”?

Don’t spend time searching “tire shop near me” – the solution is right in front of you. Call or message us today to schedule an appointment, and get a new set of tires on your car that are perfect and long-lasting. You rely on your vehicle for so many things; it’s time to rely on Lloyd’s Automotive to give your vehicle the attention it deserves, and the solutions your family needs.