Signs You Need Engine Repair in Spokane

The more miles you put on your car, the more wear and tear you put on it. All that wear and tear can add up after a while and lead to engine breakdown. When your engine breaks down it’s pretty easy to spot. Here are signs you need engine repair in Spokane.


This is a very obvious and dangerous sign. Stalling is when your vehicle dies suddenly while it’s idling or while driving. If this happens you need to take your car in to get it looked at as soon as possible.

Leaking Fluids

Look under your car for any puddles. If your car’s been parked for a while you may notice a discolored stain on the ground beneath it. Leaking fluids can be a sign of a major problem or can lead to major problems if they’re not taken care of quickly.

A Knocking Noise

If you hear a knocking noise from the hood of your car that usually means the engine bearings are worn. This can require a lot of work but you could be in store for a lot more work if you don’t get it taken care of.

Rough Idle

If you notice that your car sputters when it’s idling or randomly while you’re driving it’s a sign of engine problems. This could require an easy fix like putting in new spark plugs or something more extensive. A good mechanic will find the source of the problem easily.

The Check Engine Light

Sometimes your vehicle will really let you know that something is wrong with the engine. If the check engine light comes on take the car in as soon as you can to find out what’s going on. The longer you wait the more damage you do to your engine.

Engine Repair in Spokane

If you notice any of the above signs do you need engine repair in Spokane. It’s important to go to a good mechanic you can trust. Some mechanics may try to fool you into thinking you need more work than is actually required. Others won’t have the skill needed to fix your vehicle. This can lead to more work down the road. It could also lead to more damage to your vehicle. If you need engine repair in Spokane go to Lloyd‘s Automotive. Our skilled mechanics will get the job done right and do it for an affordable price. Contact Lloyds today for all your engine repair needs.