Towing Insurance vs. Paying for It Yourself

We all fear the day our car breaks down and leaves us stranded. Many insurance providers offer customers a towing service in Spokane Valley as part of their coverage. Below, we discuss the pros and cons of this option.

Costs of a Towing Service

Cost is one of the biggest reasons we hear. After all, a tow service can seem steep in certain situations and areas. (Not so with Lloyd’s Auto Repair! We know a repair can be an unexpected expense and do our best to provide reasonable prices and quality services.) However, insurances that provide towing services as part of their package are not doing this for free. There will be a built in additional cost on increase should you elect to add this to your insurance premium.

Using a Towing Service

Most drivers rarely need the help of a towing service. In fact, most people go for years without having to call for a tow truck. When you add up the additional insurance costs you pay into, you may find that you are wasting hundreds of dollars every year on a service you may only need once. This means a one-time call to a towing service in Spokane, for example, can actually save you hundreds in the end when compared to maintaining an insurance premium with a towing package added on.

Wait Times for Towing Services in Spokane Valley

If you purchase an additional towing service through your insurance, your wait time will likely be much longer. Calling a local towing company directly often means you simply have to wait for the driver to get to you. However, if you use your insurance company, you likely need to first contact them. The insurance company will then need to determine who the nearest towing company is whom they have a contract with before calling to dispatch them to your location. If they do not contract with a local company, this may mean you not only have a delay due to the insurance agent having to contact the towing company, but also you will have to wait for the tow truck to arrive from a further distance away. (If your vehicle will be taken to their location, you have an additional distance you will need to go to retrieve your car or tags.)

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