Signs You Need a Timing Belt Replacement

The engine of any vehicle relies on perfect timing. As it cycles through the process, your engine relies on its camshaft and crankshaft to open valves and move pistons are required. Your timing belt takes care of that, but sometimes vehicles need a timing belt replacement. 

About the Timing Belt

Your timing belt plays a vital role in how your engine functions. Durable, reinforced rubber or another synthetic material makes up the timing belt. It loops around the camshaft, crankshaft and supporting gears to maintain the perfect synchronicity. In certain vehicles, your timing belt will also play a role in additional features, like the water pump or balance shaft.

Most timing belts should be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Replacement should be part of your regular maintenance procedure. If you fail to replace your timing belt when necessary, it can lead to serious issues including engine failure.

Sign #1: Check Engine Light

Don’t ignore your check engine light. While an old timing belt is not the only reason this light may illuminate, it can contribute to it. Your vehicle’s onboard computer monitors your engine’s performance. When a timing belt malfunctions or goes wrong, it impacts this performance. Because of this, it can trigger your check engine light, indicating that you need to get to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Sign #2: Unusual Sound Effects

As a timing belt begins to fail, you might notice some unusual sounds coming from under the hood. A high-pitched screech or whirring sound may occur, typically while you idle, accelerate or when you first start your car. A ticking noise can indicate low oil pressure. When this happens, your engine will not have the oil needed to lubricate moving parts, such as the camshaft efficiently. This can cause additional wear and tear on your timing belt, causing it to prematurely fail.

Sign #3: Engine Won’t Start

If your timing belt has snapped, your vehicle’s engine will no longer be able to start. If the belt broke while your car was off, you have likely avoided significant repairs. However, if the timing belt broke while your vehicle was running, you can expect major internal engine damages.

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