Let’s face it. How useful is your car if it gets stuck in first gear every time? I’m sure you will agree it’s not very useful. Major car transmission problems could leave you stranded on the road with no way to get around to make your daily commute such as getting to work.

Fortunately, Lloyds Automotive is here to solve the problem. So whether you own a vehicle that has a manual transmission or automatic transmission, our technicians have the skills to troubleshoot both internal and external problems. Our meticulous approach to diagnostics allows us to spot the source of performance issues in almost all foreign and domestic models and makes.

Automatic Transmission Repair

This further includes services like:

  • Diagnostic checks
  • Sensor replacement
  • Full rebuilds
  • Torque convertor replacement
  • Valve body repair/ replacement.

Standard Transmission Repair

This category of manual transmission repair shop services comprises of the following:

  • Diagnostic checks
  • Full rebuilds
  • Fly wheeling machining and replacements
  • Clutch disc replacements
  • Pressure plate replacements
  • Throw-out bearing replacements
  • Master/slave cylinder replacement among others.

Our Transmission Shop Offers Other Transmission Services

We also offer transmission fluid change, which includes:

  • Oil and filter replacement
  • Cooler flush/repair
  • Axle assembly
  • Electrical diagnosis
  • Shaft kit installation
  • Rack and pinion replacement
  • Transmission slipping fix
  • Performance transmission
  • Transmission clutch repair